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Brief summary of our activities

Brief summary of our activities

Two years ago we were a group of Jewish youth loving the People of Israel, the Land of Israel and respecting the Torah of Israel. Two years since then we are the largest Zionist movement in the whole CIS. The ideology of our move­ment based primarily on the writings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaCohen Kook and Ze'ev Zhabotinsky, elaborated jointly with leaders of Jewish organizations and rabbis of the different directions of Judaism, had passed the first test of the time. We are two years old already.

We got permanently acting branches that we create in loca­tions with the numerous presence of young people who share our ideas. We plan to open new branches in different cities and countries. The total number of participants in the movement exceeded 2,000 peo­ple.

In addition to our own activi­ties, we carry out joint events and projects with such organizations as the Moscow Jewish Religious Community, the Russian Jewish Congress, the Educational Center "Mid­rasha Zionit”, Mahanaim Center, the International Jewish stu­dent organization Hillel, "Tol­dot Yeshurun" Educational Network, World Ezra Move­ment, The World Betar Move­ment, The Institute for the Jewish Studies in the C.I.S. under the direction of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the Melamedia Center for Infor­mal Jewish Education, the Machon Meir Institute for Jewish Studies, the Russian Jewish Youth Congress, the Union of Israeli Students (Jewish Club) at the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO) and many other organizations and initia­tive groups in the C.I.S. and Is­rael.

In Israel we established and maintain liaison with the political parties Likud, Israel Our Home, and Na­tional Unity (Ichud Leumi). We carried out joint ac­tions and consulted with them. Our leaders have received blessing for the development of the Or Zion Movement from a wide range of rabbis, including leaders of some Hasidic courts. In Russia, many members of our movement were awarded individual certificates for help­ing the Jewish community of Moscow. In addition, our participants organized jointly with the Union of Israeli Students (Jewish Club) at the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO), the first open public debate, in which members of the Movement successfully defended at public the right of Israel to its capital in the united, undivided Jerusalem, and convinced a diverse audience that the optimal choice in the conflict be­tween Israel and Iran - for Rus­sia and the whole world - is to support the Israeli position.

• We created the official webpage of the “Or Zion” at www.orzion.ru, www.orzion.org and www.orzion.org.il, groups in the social networks, such as www.vkontakte.ru, www.odnoklassniki.ru, www.facebook.com and others. Currently developing English-and Hebrew-versions of the site.

• We developed a basic framework for fur­ther activities of the movement. Based on the guiding principles we defined the activity directions, formed the teams working in those di­rections and elaborated the system of internal governance. Dr. Levi Sheptovitsky is elected president of Or Zion Movement. Levi Sheptovitsky is a doctor of the University of Paris-Sorbonne and Bar-Ilan University.

• We created the debating club with regular meetings.

• Organized regular Hebrew classes.

• Organized trainings on the Is­raeli "Krav Maga" system of self-defense

• Created weekly Tanach study course which includes teaching Jewish history at the top of its development. The course is taught by an histo­rian and Tanach expert Zion Abramov.

• We organized lectures by famous and respected Russian-speaking rabbis, thinkers and public figures, such as R. David Yushuvaev, Dr. Pinchas Polonsky, R. Shlomo Neeman, R. Shlomo Zelig Avrassin, historian Zion Abramov, Dr. Velvl Chernin, Dr. Uri Linets, R. Meir Manevich, R. Alexander Feigin, R. Alexander Lakshin, Dr. Levy Sheptovitsky, R. Asher Kushnir, R. Isroel Barenbaum, Eliezer Lesovoy.

• Organized joint celebrations of Jewish holidays. Held events devoted to the important dates of the Jewish calendar and the history of Jewish people.

• We initiated the fundraising for the children orphaned by the terrorist attack near Hebron.

• We raised the funds for the restoration of the forests after fires and organized the planting of new trees in Israel.

• We launched the weekly issues of the Sunrise, the official newsletter of the Or Zion Movement, which publishes analytics, reviews of Israeli news, materials on the weekly Torah chapters and holidays, press releases and announcements of the Movement activities. The "Sunrise" newsletter is delivered to the Movement participants, the Jewish communities and Jewish youth organizations.

• Organized a series of rallies and actions in Russia and Israel, including successful actions of disrupting the anti-Israeli rallies.

There are guiding principles of the Movement set at the heart of the Or Zion activities. The principles were jointly developed with a wide range of people, including rabbis and leaders, both local and international Jewish organizations and movements.

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